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SV Woods is one of the best WPC Door Frame manufacturers in India who offers a sophisticated range of versatile, durable and ultimate wpc door frames. Due to the superior quality products, SV Woods leading WPC door frames manufacturer and supplier in india. A few years back, the original WPC concept was introduced in India by SV Woods and since then we are manufacturing premium wpc solid door frames using the actual composition formula of WPC or NFC rather than modifying it to get extra profit. We provide best WPC Door frame price in india.

WPC Door Frame Manufacturer in India


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WPC Solid Door Frames from best wpc manufacturer in India

At SV Woods, Wood Plastic Composite is the hybrid material that’s composed of natural wood and polymer, on the other hand, some companies use calcium and polymer to reduce the cost of production. Altering the real composition compromises the quality of the WPC products, hence we always prefer to adopt the genuine elements as per the original formula. During the manufacturing process of WPC frames, all the key elements are mixed together to get a relatively thick consistency, and then they are moulded or extruded to transform it into the desired form.

By promoting these WPC/NFC products, we are contributing to the environment as these products are eco-friendly. Additionally, while the traditional wooden door frames are exposed to various weather conditions, WPC solid door frames resist such conditions which makes them an ideal option for your place. To make your house, office, or building more attractive, we offer a wide range of innovative WPC door frames for interior and exterior applications.

Why Choose WPC Door Frames?

As traditional wooden door frames are prone to weather conditions, selecting WPC door frames is the wise decision. Make your place elegant within your budget.

Advantages of WPC door frames

WPC door frames are eco-friendly, economical, anti warping & sagging, durable, anti-termite and borer attack, poor conductor of heat, electricity & sound.

WPC Door Frame Price in India

SV Woods offer best Wpc door frame price in India. Our wpc door frame price list is most competitive in industry. Despite our competitive pricing we are committed to provide best quality wpc door frames in India to our customers.

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Get ultimate eco-friendly products at an affordable price and make your place elegant.  

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