SV Woods provides the best quality WPC solid door frame at the most competitive rates. Being a market leader and manufacturer of premium quality WPC products SV Woods Door Frame Prices attract customers worldwide.

Whats is WPC ?

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a material made from a unique blend of wood fibre and thermoplastics. This material is moisture- and rot-resistant, making it more durable than traditional wood. It is an environment friendly material, which makes it a great choice for construction projects. SV Woods WPC products have a longer lifespan than natural wood.

Why WPC is good for door frame usage?

The use of WPC Door frames in new home decor projects is on the rise. SV Wood provides best WPC Solid Door Frames in the industry and is a well-known manufacturer of premium WPC products such as WPC doors, frames, and boards.

Our WPC door offers uniform thickness without undulations, warping, or bending, as well as a smooth surface for laminating. In differing humidity conditions, it provides dimensional accuracy and stability and offers high screw holding capacity.

It is 100% termite and borer proof, moisture proof, fire retardant, and eco-friendly. WPC Door Frames do not swell or shrink like natural wood. The WPC door frames come in a fine finish and are ready to be installed. In areas prone to fire, WPC door frames are an excellent choice.Most importantly, there is no wood wastage using WPC Door Frames.

SV Wood Pro series products offer highest density per kgm3.

What is rate of WPC Door frames?

Using SV Wood WPC products is a smart choice, considering the durability and life span of SV Wood WPC products as compared to wood. Below are the WPC Door Frames Price List :

Door Frames & Molding (CONSUMER WPC PRICE LIST )

WPC Solid Door Frame Price List

75 X 50 (3” X 2”)171210
100 X 55 (4” X 2.25”)267305
100 X 62(4” X 2.5”)295333
125 X 62(5” X 2.5”)362400
150 X 62 (4” X 2.5”) SP429467
150 X 62 (6” X 2.5”) DP429467
35 X 12 X 4 (MOLDING)25—–
45 X12 X 4 (MOLDING)33—–
60 X 12 X 4 (MOLDING)43—–
Density900 Kg/M31100 Kg/M3
  • Price List is subject to change without any prior notice.